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Those exclamation marks… Are they for the title of the show, or for the title of this post?!! Well, here’s a kids show that nobody’s blogging for spring. I picked a number at random, and since many people enjoy a good list, I’ll go ahead and type out some reasons for everyone to watch Here Comes the Black Witch!!

1) The title is awesome!!

2) The two exclamation marks in the title. Doesn’t it make you scared excited?!!

3) In fact, let’s give the show a point for each of the two exclamation marks.

4) The synopsis is amazing in and of itself:

“When magic-mad Chiyoko summons up a black witch by mistake, she finds that she and her friend Gyubid need to keep a careful eye on her to stop her getting up to all sorts of mischief.” (Taken from MAL)

Wait a second… That doesn’t actually make sense. Chiyoko summoned Gyubid (the eponymous witch of our story). But who is this “her” they’re referring to, when it says Chiyoko and Gyubid need to keep a careful eye on her to stop her [from] getting up to all sorts of mischief?!! This synopsis is adorably sloppy. Despite its grammar issues, I am still going to count it as a positive point!

5) The OP is so cool, it manages to reuse the same animations several times over its 15-second length without anyone really caring. Probably because the song is so HAPPY!!

6) And as you can see, this show has deep, thought-provoking themes. Like friendship.

7) The protagonist is easy to relate to. Finally! An elementary schoolgirl who is fascinated by the occult. Not enough kids these days are interested in dark magic. How will demons and other unspeakable abominations be summoned to terrorize future generations, if that sense of wonder is never instilled in the children of today?

8. The protagonist’s nickname is Choco. And she is loco. Isn’t this short for chocolate? That’s good stuff.

9) The series deals with real-life problems that are both significant and relevant. For example, having a stuffy nose when trying to summon Cupid.

10) It’s easy to root for sympathetic characters, such as Gyubid. She’s only been brought to this mortal realm because some kid messed up while trying to summon someone else entirely… and now she has to teach said kid how to become a witch! Such tragedies happen all too often, but are so rarely dealt with in anime. It’s good to see Kuromajo-san ga Toora step up to the plate to tackle this important issue.

11) Kuromajo-san ga Tooru raises deep questions regarding gender roles in modern society. For example, is Gybid a man, or a woman? Okay, she’s a woman, but you might have to second-guess yourself for a moment or two.

12) This anime teaches you how to cooperate with others. For example, use a victim’s hair to create a voodoo doll that will allow you to control her.

13) This girl is a great example of the amazing organizational/team-building skills they teach in Japan. Every episode it seems, she manages to recognize a problem, set up some kind of new committee to solve it, and immediately gains class approval for each task via applause. Not only is she getting total support from her classmates (regardless of how mundane/unnecessary the committee is), but the actual act of validation is done in such a fun, positive way!

14) Awesome bed sheets and curtains.

15) Awesome mahou shoujo outfit. But can she allow herself to be seen wearing it in public?

16) Of course she can. This is Japan.

17) And while I’m thinking about it, good on those kids for wearing helmets. Always wear a helmet when you ride your bike!!

18) The action scenes of this series rival those of Fate/Zero.

19) Same with the dialogue.

20) This kid is like… ten? And he’s already wearing a full business suit. Note that this school doesn’t have a uniform. He’s just that classy. Even uses a random debate with a classmate as a chance to ask Chiyoko out.

21) Plus, he takes juice to the face. Like a boss.

22) Chiyoko, an elementary schooler, pulls off an epic “The Reason You Suck” speech. To two classmates at once!

23) Practical, everyday tips and tricks. If you turn someone’s bread upside-down, you mark him as a sacrifice for a denizen of the Underworld!

24) If you ever wanted an anime with a girl who is a departed soul using a corpse as a vessel to become a dark witch, now’s your chance! I’m pretty sure this is the only anime this season that has this sort of thing (eg a ghost girl, or zombie girl, or any other kind of otherworldly being in the form of a young girl). And if there are any others, they stand no chance against Lulu! She has a contract with a friggin’ Minotaur.

25) Watch this show, and you’ll learn valuable life lessons.

26) The original series of novels started in 1980! Holy crap. And with 15 volumes to its name, this is some serious business. Plus, look at that cover. Who wouldn’t want a book like that?

27) Check out this synopsis for episode 5, coming out soon:

“Chiyoko finds her classmates have been turned into cats by an evil peddler who wants to make them his familiars.” (Taken from Wikipedia)


28) The episodes are only about seven minutes long. It’s fun, and totally worth it! If you like kids comedy fantasy anime. Watch it for Gyubid-sama!!