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small image About Us

January 24, 2011 5:33 am by small image

Originally known as, was remade for several reasons. First, we wanted a unique name that was different but somewhat easy to remember. One problem with our original name was that the domain name was already in use by some fashion designing organization, therefore our search engine optimization would be somewhat awkward and confusing.

Also, before finding more authors used to be my personal website, a blog featuring the life of myself as a university student. While it was designed to be a semi-private website, I felt it would be more beneficial to have more writers using the services other than only me.

However, it was difficult to invite authors due to the fact that there wasn’t any applications or software that could accommodate multiple writers (everything was developed and coded by me). After coding and installing WordPress it was necessary to upgrade our web services, and subsequently our domain name to to give us a “fresh start”. Now that we can invite authors, it was more appropriate to have a name that reflects all of our interests. For those that don’t know, Yume in Japanese Romaji means “Dream”. Putting the two words together, we essentially get

Lastly, we wanted to upgrade our web host (since we ran out disk space) as well as get rid of any traces left behind by This is because unfortunately was not fully secure (a mistake I made in the file permissions since I’m a noob) and became subject to spam attacks. Wanting to rid ourselves of any potential threats, everything on was purged (with the exception of our PHP database) and pretty much deleted. With a new location, new server, new database, and new authors (pretty much new everything), dreamstate became an easy concept to implement.

Below you’ll find the original “about us” page written for I will leave it here for the purpose of providing some background on the concept of, but most of the information are either out-of-date or irrelevant to

The Goal
StudioTim’s goal is to give readers and authors the opportunity to express themselves in any way, shape or form. This could be writing reviews on popular anime and manga series, introducing tutorials on how to design a simple but great-looking website, “blogging” on their scholarly lifestyle, or simply showcasing their latest personal artwork or photographs taken. StudioTim separates itself from other weblogs by establishing its foundation; we are a group of individuals who have entered the career/post-secondary lifestyle with a unique set of common interests. The majority of us have an interest in Otaku culture and embracing our interests in Asian lifestyles.

The Idea
StudioTim was something I had planned for a while. Coming from the generation where we are technology natives, meaning we are educated and brought up with technology surrounding us, it’s natural that we have a relatively intermediate understanding of technology. Technology has become so ingrained in our lives that we cannot live without it. Part of being a tech native means we grasp the extremely fast-paced movement of new technology better than previous generations. I found it really easy to understand coding, programming, and technical languages that didn’t come so easy to my parents or older family members. Because of this, my natural interest in Web Design came to light.


The beginning of “StudioTim”. Ending ux.Series.
I asked my friend a question on some Flash coding that he did for me way back during my second and third layout, ux.Redefined and ux.Tranced. I wanted to learn and try to design my own flash music player with his help, but then we started talking about the big-picture stuff of a website. After our conversation he sent me some links and that was when I finally decided to move on from a free web host. People who have seen my previous layouts could argue that they already included blogging and photos and whatnot. It’s true that they had all that, but my aim for StudioTim is to create a portal for users to feel like they are part of it as well. Having a community of people who share the same interests offer a lot of benefits. Ultimately my goal is to provide them with the necessary tools, feedback, and inspiration to create something way better than StudioTim. Maybe I’ll start a forum where users can meet and share ideas. Again this is a work in progress.

Why get your own domain and web hosting space?
My very first layout was uploaded to either or I can’t remember exactly because it wasn’t important at that time; all I wanted was a free webhosting server so I can start designing right away. I know from the second layout all the way to the eighth I was with and they even changed their name to StudioTim came to mind when I thought about all the advantages I would have if I moved to my own domain and own webhosting server. The most obvious ones would be getting rid of the pop-ups time to time for visitors (That was probably the most annoying), a “freewebs” toolbar that was mandatory on all your webpages, having to add “I am hosted by” on my index page, and of course being severly limited in options when it came to bandwidth, host space, file uploading, and maintenance.

Today, I am proud of being able to set up StudioTim. I want it to be successful in creating an environment where users can talk freely about their interests in Otaku and Asian Culture. Being someone who has an Asian background and upbringing, maybe I can answer some questions they have. I leave that entirely open to those that want to join the discussion, whatever it may be. The only rule I have for anyone who wants to be a part of StudioTim, is to treat others with respect. There is nothing wrong with having an opinion, so long as you are respectful of others and theirs as well. Other than that, welcome! Irasshaimase!