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small image Anime Review – Ghost Hunt

April 17, 2012 1:53 am by small image

First and foremost, hiatus lift! I apologize for being away for such a long time. It’s been a hell semester for me which practically brought my social life down to level zero. As such, I couldn’t even squeeze in some time to watch me some anime. Boohoo~ Anyhow, I’m now back online with a little horror/suspense treat from the past: Ghost Hunt.

The horror/suspense genre has been one of the most enduring genres when it comes to anime. The results simply vary with the effectiveness of execution. Ghost Hunt, I think, is one of those that effectively gave the genre justice and passed with flying colors. The story starts off with Mai, your average high school girl — “average” not only in terms of looks but also in…well, in everything. Her clumsiness causes Lin’s injury. All would’ve been fine, however, Lin happens to be Naru’s assistant. Who’s Naru, you ask. Well, he’s a narcissistic, arrogant ghost hunter who also happens to be the male protagonist of the series.

What makes Ghost Hunt effective is its interesting cases. Since it runs more on arc-based fuel, there really isn’t an over-arching, complicated plot that ties everything together. This being the case, one only has the various cases Naru’s team solves to keep them glued to the show. Well, there is also the development of Mai’s apparently latent ESP, but apart from that, that’s mostly it. Despite the seeming lack of character development whatsoever, Ghost Hunt somehow managed to keep me interested until the very end. First, because of the cases. Second, because of the diverse characters. Even if they were pretty…plain, they were fun characters and they represented different branches of…er, divination. Moving on, the last factor that made it for me was the wealth of information. PK-MT! PK-LT! PK-ST! Porutahgaisuto! These kinds of stuff are always interesting. ^^

Compared to shows of the same genre nowadays, Ghost Hunt’s formula made it effective. Although it had a minimal set of characters, the cases they handled were all attention-grabbing that you’ll definitely look forward to the next case. A definite classic, Ghost Hunt is one of the shows that should be added to anyone’s horror/suspense anime list.

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