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Cover Art by Nuri-kun

Personally speaking, I have always considered the light novel as a genre of its own. It is not merely the amalgam of fantasy and sci-fi, coupled with romance at times, that stock the Young Adult shelves of today. Granted, I read them not in their intended form, which is that of Japanese text, but it is with the essence of the novel that makes for me the biggest difference. I attribute it to the specific literary nature of the Japanese – a style that is their own; completely common-place to them yet, to the eyes of an outside reader, a relatively new and unfamiliar sight.

An unfamiliar sight indeed, being shared by what I would assume as, a relatively small niche of fans of Japanese media in general. It may even be pigeon-holed as being only for fans of Japanese media in general. Anime and manga fans are a more casual bunch in that regard I should say. To watch a story unfold in anime, as supposed to reading one in a novel is in theory something that most would consider more fun to actually do after all.

Is it really that hard to transcribe that experience, that of anime and manga, into a book?

Author Miko Limjoco wishes to do just that.
With his own spin on writing light novels, he welcomes readers into the land in darkness; Kuro.

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There came a time in the gaming world when the almighty ATLUS (responsible for numerous successful titles throughout the years, like the Persona series, Summon Night, Trauma Center, and many, many more) joined hands with a relatively-quiet game dev studio by the name of Sting Entertainment. They had their merry time together, and the three-year (and still ongoing) partnership resulted in the creation of a couple of unique and down-to-the core jRPG’s, the likes of which have stretched the limits of the once formidable GameBoy Advance, before marching their stride on the PSP. This series of games was dubbed – Dept. Heaven.

The first of these wonders is the “strictly” turn-based world of Riviera.

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Before Mawaru Penguindrum came in and screwed our minds, there was Revolutionary Girl Utena.

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With finales piling up left and right, it was a bit sad to see this one’s. One thing is for sure, Winter 2012 wouldn’t be the same without Ano Natsu de Matteru. (I didn’t spoil the ending much, for you guys who didn’t get to watch this, but all the same, there will be some spoilers)

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small image Ano Natse de Matteru – Episode 4

February 2, 2012 8:40 am by small image

Episode 4, or so AnoNatsu wants you to believe, is more or less, like how many others are saying it as, the true “Episode 1″ of this Winter 2012 series. Why so?

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small image Ano Natsu de Matteru – Episode 3

January 26, 2012 5:49 am by small image

Winter 2012 is starting to look really good the past week, and one of the shows (for me anyway) that contributed to that is this show here. To sum it up – Developments! Developments everywhere!

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Hey guys!

With a little near three weeks into the the Winter season, I decided to cover a show that, based on how I see other viewers take it, as a “love it or hate it” kind of show. It’s funny, it has romance, I assume there’s gonna be drama, and hey, it’s ecchi (not serious about this one) – It’s Winter 2012’s ironically titled show, Ano Natsu de Matteru.

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small image Extra, Extra, Read all about it

November 17, 2011 8:04 am by small image

Hey guys, Leap250 here, rising from the burnt ashes of registration forms, readings, and other paper based requirements. Metaphorically of course (I’d be screwed if I was serious), but you get the point. That aside, well, it’s good to be back ^^

This will be my first video game related post, and it is for the recently released Fate/Extra.

Now before I actually do get serious, take the time to gaze upon the majesty that is Red Saber

 “Anxiously hopes for just two things: bread and circuses”

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small image So, any light novel readers around?

October 19, 2011 6:13 am by small image

I’m sure there are a lot, maybe even having read more books under their belt than myself. I have read only a fair amount of light novels, since I can only read the ones that are translated. Despite that, I’ve enjoyed those that I’ve chanced upon, so much so that I re-read them every now and then.

Here are three of my favorite titles ^^

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small image Anime Review – Hanasaku Iroha

September 27, 2011 11:57 pm by small image

Wow. Based on my last post here, it’s been a month (and a few days)  since I’ve posted anything else. College and a bunch of stuff got to me. My apologies to my co-authors here on Yumestate. Thankfully though, my time for Anime was still intact, and I got to watch some titles worth mentioning. So yeah, for now I’m gonna talk about a series that recently ended. A story of hard work, friendship, love, and finding one’s self, all in the life of a not-so-ordinary teenager.

Here’s my review on Hanasaku Iroha

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