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Cover Art by Nuri-kun

Personally speaking, I have always considered the light novel as a genre of its own. It is not merely the amalgam of fantasy and sci-fi, coupled with romance at times, that stock the Young Adult shelves of today. Granted, I read them not in their intended form, which is that of Japanese text, but it is with the essence of the novel that makes for me the biggest difference. I attribute it to the specific literary nature of the Japanese – a style that is their own; completely common-place to them yet, to the eyes of an outside reader, a relatively new and unfamiliar sight.

An unfamiliar sight indeed, being shared by what I would assume as, a relatively small niche of fans of Japanese media in general. It may even be pigeon-holed as being only for fans of Japanese media in general. Anime and manga fans are a more casual bunch in that regard I should say. To watch a story unfold in anime, as supposed to reading one in a novel is in theory something that most would consider more fun to actually do after all.

Is it really that hard to transcribe that experience, that of anime and manga, into a book?

Author Miko Limjoco wishes to do just that.
With his own spin on writing light novels, he welcomes readers into the land in darkness; Kuro.

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Is this a love that can never be?

Given how a large part of the industry lives off adapting manga and novels, it’s a surprise that Shakespeare’s tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, has never been adapted for anime. Well, it happened, and the result was Romeo X Juliet: An adaptation perhaps too loose for some, but one that retains all the flare and uncertainty that surrounded the relationship between the two teenagers in the original play.

Fourteen years ago, on the floating island of Neo Verona, Leontes Montague murdered all the members of House Capulet, save for the two-year old Juliet. Present-day, Prince Leontes Montague rules over Neo Verona with an iron fist and crushes anyone who opposes him. Juliet has lived in hiding  with Capulet loyalists and fights the oppression using her vigilante persona, the Red Whirlwind. While attending a ball hosted by the Montagues, Juliet meets Romeo, the prince’s son, and they both fall in love. Through the twenty-four episodes, we not only see this romance grow and brave through difficult trials, but we also get to see as Capulet loyalists organize a rebellion to overthrow Prince Montague.

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Before Mawaru Penguindrum came in and screwed our minds, there was Revolutionary Girl Utena.

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Sometimes you look over the synopsis on the back of a book, and you just know you’re going to enjoy it. Such was my experience with volume one of the Kieli series, subtitled “The Dead Sleep in the Wilderness.”

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Since I started with a show like Ghost Hunt, let me follow things through with another representative of the supernatural kind, and is relatively new at that, Psychic Detective Yakumo. Read more…

Toradora is one of those series that shows up on a lot of people’s Top 10 Anime lists. Is the praise warranted? My experience with the series was a long one (since it took me quite a while to get through it), but overall it was an enjoyable experience. In the end, it seems the best thing about the show is the cast of characters, which makes it a bit ironic that this was my biggest problem with the show at first.

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small image Anime Review – Ghost Hunt

April 17, 2012 1:53 am by small image

First and foremost, hiatus lift! I apologize for being away for such a long time. It’s been a hell semester for me which practically brought my social life down to level zero. As such, I couldn’t even squeeze in some time to watch me some anime. Boohoo~ Anyhow, I’m now back online with a little horror/suspense treat from the past: Ghost Hunt.

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Persona 4: The Animation is an anime adaptation of the popular PS2 RPG, Persona 4. In P4, Yu Narukami and his friends band together to use their Persona, essentially personifications of one’s personality, in order to save other teens who are being kidnapped and thrown into the Midnight Channel. This Midnight Channel can only be accessed through a TV, where these kidnapped teens must come face-to-face with truths of their existence in order to survive.

As I mentioned, this is a video game adaptation of a video game that is half murder mystery and half dating sim, where the player goes around interacting with other characters in order to level up the Social Link or bond (which in turn unlocks new, more powerful Persona). Many people will inevitably shun at the words “video game adaptation,” as past adaptations have usually failed to capture the essence of the game being adapted. I am here to say that, thankfully, that is not the case here. Persona 4 is perhaps the finest video game adaptation ever produced.

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With finales piling up left and right, it was a bit sad to see this one’s. One thing is for sure, Winter 2012 wouldn’t be the same without Ano Natsu de Matteru. (I didn’t spoil the ending much, for you guys who didn’t get to watch this, but all the same, there will be some spoilers)

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It’s a pinch!

Star Driver follows the exploits of Takuto and his friends Sugata and Wako as they try to save the world from the Glittering Crux Brigade and their mechanical Cybodies. The trick is that Takuto (and to a certain extent, Sugata) is the only one able to fend them off; the Glittering Crux Brigade needs to destroy the remaining shrine maidens’ seals in order to have their Cybodies operate outside of Zero Time (a strange space-like plane that exists between time) and Takuto is the only one able to summon his own Cybody to fight against them.

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