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Greetings Everyone.

I haven’t been writing a lot lately due to the fact that I have been working on Yumestate’s third layout, titled “Midori”, or Green in Japanese. Instead of blogging on anime this time around, I wanted to share a little about the thought process that went into building Yumestate:Midori. Feel free to scroll through the screenshots if developer blogs don’t really interest you or is not your type of thing.

After coming back from a hiatus, I wanted to give Yumestate a fresh start for the year, and that meant choosing a colour theme that matches the current season of anime: winter/spring. In most places Spring has officially arrived (even if there’s still lots of snow), so naturally Green would be the choice of colour to base the palette and overall design. Here’s where it gets interesting:

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Something that came up the other day made me want to write this post. This will be a quick one about how I dislike using another party’s program/code.

In Business Management (what I’m currently majoring in), you often hear about “outsourcing”. Essentially, outsourcing is having a third party come in and perform a certain task or section of your organization for you, usually for fee. It is a very popular option nowadays because almost all functions of a business can be outsourced in some way. More on that when I have time. Read more…


So here it is guys and gals; the first of my entries that deal with the topics I actually want to cover. The posts before were more introductory in nature, although some future posts from time to time will also be administrative and logistic stuff. This one titled “Implementing WordPress on StudioTim”, focuses exactly on that: adding the WordPress application to my old—or current depending how you look at it— website. If you have not read The Basics of HTML and CSS, I would recommend taking a look at it first. It explains some of the jargon and techno babble used in this post. Don’t worry, it’s a (relatively) short read.

What is WordPress?

“I don’t get what’s the big deal, You could have just taken one of the thousands of available templates online and worked with that, and you didn’t have to register your own domain and web space.” That’s true, however those are templates from other users. Its not something that’s unique or something that’s never been done before on StudioTim. The most popular reason people use WordPress Read more…

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small image Design: Basics of HTML and CSS

January 27, 2011 9:59 pm by small image

In the next couple of blogs I will be covering a lot of technical things related to building a website. To familiarize yourself with the content, I wanted provide a very brief overview of what HTML and CSS is and what they can do. Don’t worry. You’re not going to become a HTML/CSS master after reading my posts. I just want you to understand the techno babble so that you won’t get lost. If you want to become one, then I suggest you read the more advanced posts that I will post at a later date.

So HTML, it sounds like a lot of work to write something on the internet.

It’s not. HTML is a programming language, but it’s very easy to use and implement (when you know it). Read more…

Simply put, it allows the user to change the layout of the website with a click of a link. If you look below the Top Banner (where Yuki, Misaki and Tenshi-chan are), you will see a small bar that has the appropriate links titled, “Medium Contrast” and “High Contrast”. If you can’t wait for the description, just click them now and try it out. Medium Contrast is set to default when you enter this website for the first time, but with the usage of cookies, and yes you have to enable them if you want to view this site properly, you have to ability to set which contrast you want to be defaulted to the next time you visit.

I hate that Yokoso! post. Get rid of it, Bakayaro!

Have you noticed my “Yokoso!” post? That also uses a cookie. Again if you don’t have them enabled then you’re going to have a lot of problems viewing not this just website, but pretty much all other websites. Anyway, the Yokoso post will disappear the next time you visit this website. If you really don’t want to see it again for another month, just hit “Refresh” (or F5 in Firefox), and it should disappear. If it doesn’t, then that would be my fault and I would ask that you contact me right away so I can fix it! That goes for pretty much everything on this website. If something doesn’t work, make sure you let me know either through comments or by email! I will have an email address setup for anyone wishing to contact me in the next couple of days, so use the comments feature for now.

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small image About the (first) author

January 24, 2011 2:23 am by small image

“How would I describe myself? Three words: hard working, alpha male, jackhammer. Merciless. Insatiable.” – Dwight Schrute from The Office

A different “effect” from being kissed by a girl.

Although being a “jackhammer” sounds pretty attractive, I would describe myself as someone who is easy-going, patient, and logical. I am satisfied with simple things such as staying at home and enjoying the comfort of sleeping in my own bed every night. That may seem like nothing to most people, but consider that some don’t even have the privilege of living in a house. Some of my hobbies include watching Japanese Animation (anime) and discussing it afterward with other enthusiasts. It’s too difficult to narrow down my specific favourite anime series that I have watched. Instead, it’s easier to associate myself with favourite genres instead. I enjoy a good romantic comedy involving two main protagonists, one female and one male. While naturally in a romance it would make sense if the two protagonists ended together, that doesn’t mean it’s always the case. My second hobby would be playing the piano. I have been taking piano (like every other Chinese kid apparently) for almost 20 years now and still find enjoyment in playing all types of songs. If I had to narrow down a genre of piano music, it would be anything with a strong melody and free-flowing left hand. Some examples would be Reflections on the Water by Debussy, or a self-transcribed version of Chiisa Te No Hira from the anime Clannad.

I guess the last of my three hobbies would be configuring with my laptop. This could mean many things from playing World of Warcraft casually, to coding and all associated technical languages (CSS, HTML, PHP), to tinkering with the settings on my favourite wallpaper or photograph recently taken. I use a Dell Studio XPS 15, and no, not that really ugly one that you currently see on their website. I bought a black one that still looks much more stylish than its current version. I simply love all things technical. As I said before, I am someone who thinks logically and processes data and information in a logical way. What does this mean? It means there should always be a method to some madness. In other words, there should be a logical reason behind performing any action.