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August 1, 2013 11:29 pm by small image

I don’t have any pictures, so here’s a video that I made from Utawarerumono OVA.

At the moment, the website is currently maintained by myself (UltimaniumX) and updated on a very irregular basis. It has come to a point where I no longer have the time and commitment to contribute or add much of anything to Yumestate.

Here are some announcements regarding the future direction of

Originally, my goal for Yumestate was to build a blog that attracted readers and visitors who shared a similar passion. I wanted to design an aesthetically pleasing WordPress theme and then have authors help bring new and fresh content to the website. It turned out that finding reliable authors and ones who were committed was a challenge, and ultimately lead to dead ends. For the most part the authors that I recruited were great, but the effort put into finding them was too much.

After finding the authors I wanted to take a step back and just let the website run for itself, and I would continue to maintain and build new layouts for Yumestate. That also fell through due to inconsistent writing from authors, some just went AWOL, and some would not fully commit to Yumestate. I am not blaming any of the authors, in fact I want to say thank you to those that did help, even if it was just for a little bit; you guys know who you are.

Anyway, Yumestate will no longer be a blogging website for anime related news and opinions. Instead, I’ve been getting interest from locals who want help setting up their own websites. There is some genuine interest to develop a front page for my web design business, and Yumestate will naturally become the future face.

In the next couple of weeks, will be taken down for scheduled maintenance. It will no longer be an anime blog, but instead an informational website on offering local online design services. The anime blog will be moved to a sub-section of the website for archiving purposes and showcasing.

I thank all who made a contribution to Yumestate. Whether that was through comments, dropping by for a visit, voting on polls, writing thoughts, or adding pictures, they brought me happiness and the feeling that Yumestate was going somewhere. Thank you to my authors for your writing, your time, and your efforts to add more to Yumestate.

Finally, I thank all the viewers and visitors who stopped by My sincere gratitude to those that regularly visited and supported Yumestate.