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Bugs and Errors


The first error occurred when I tried to resize my container and sidebar layers. I still can’t figure out exactly why the margins were not lining up correctly. StudioTim uses an 800 pixel width, meaning from left to right, the sidebar and container has to total 800 pixels. If it went over 800, the container would be pushed below the sidebar, which would look really bad. I made the sidebar 200 pixels and the container 600, but it still didn’t line up properly. I shrunk each by 10 pixels to account for some spacing between, but it continued to give the same problem. Eventually I fixed it by shrinking the container’s width by 30 pixels. Here’s the screenshot of the error:

Right Aligning Sidebar

I tried copying an existing CSS template again onto my website. The template was from an author who freely distributed his work to the public, so I wasn’t stealing anything or doing something illegal. I knew there were going to be some problems doing it (since it didn’t work the last time), but the template was relatively small and I thought I could manage. I got this:

Anyway, I fixed it by completely deleting all the copied code. There was far too much CSS to read through; it either confused me or made me change something that wasn’t necessary.

Comments feature

old-StudioTim did not have a commenting feature, which I think disappointed some users. After implementing WordPress, I was able to also add comments to the website. The problem was that I wanted a specific way for the commenting feature to look, and in doing so I messed up the coding behind where to place the comments area.

That wasn’t the end of the commenting problem. Once I fixed the first problem—the one where it put the comments bar BELOW my actual container section—the CSS was reset causing my comments to become transparent:

And so I sent about 30 minutes fixing this problem. I check to make sure it looks okay, and then I wanted to double check the “High Contrast” layout to make sure nothing was wrong with that. I find this:

Damn! I can’t catch a break even with reducing the amount of layouts that I had! I went from six to two, and I still have problems making the layouts error-free. Anyway, the error was easily corrected after I found out how to do it in the first layout.

Choosing the right colour for my links

I spent some time trying to figure out which colour looks the best for my “High Contrast” layout. Specifically the links were the objects in question; I had to find a colour that was different from the regular font (black), but also not too faint or “out-of-place” from the rest of the layout. The screenshot shows some of the colours I tried:

I finally settled on a dark red (more rose coloured than anything). It’s not the best choice of colour since it’s still quite dark, but it was the best of the four colours to choose from. I don’t need to take a screenshot of the red because you can see it now if you clicked on High Contrast at the top.


The entire project took about a full week of work. Starting on Sunday and uploading the new website on Saturday, I spent countless hours analyzing bits of code to use on wordpress-StudioTim. I wouldn’t say the project is complete; every day I spend time fixing some issues with images or adding plugins that break other parts of the website. I remember one night where I accidentally changed the file permissions of the entire website, and I was literally banging my head against the wall trying to think of how to fix it.

Fortunately the website keeps an error log by itself, and after reading it over a couple of times I was able to revert back to a working state of the old-StudioTim. But yes, that meant I had to re-upload wordpress-StudioTim to the server. Needless to say I went to bed after I (re)started the transfer process that night.

I’m happy with and the way things are right now. It’s stable and working, even though there are some bugs that come up time to time. Like any other technical project, bugs and errors will come up even when you least expect it. WordPress is a nice addition to website with categorizing, tagging, widgets, plugins, online collaboration, multiple authors, and the SQL database. The process was a long one, but it taught me many new things about Web Design. I had to bang my head or /facepalm many times, but it was well worth it in the end.

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