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small image End of September Monthly Update

September 29, 2011 3:40 am by small image

Originally these monthly updates were to be done at the BEGINNING of the month and not at the end. Unfortunately with current circumstances and time constraints, I simply don’t know when I will be able to regularly update on my behalf. As such, these monthly updates from now on will be either at the beginning or at the end of the month.

Ultima, you should really keep up with the posts… gawd.

As I said before, the amount of time available for me to update the website with posts is at an all time low, but thankfully I asked some writers who also enjoy blogging to contribute to the website. Cholisose, Leap250, and Nishimura (though she’s in similar shoes as me with school) all have taken the initiative to help and update the site as much as possible, and I am of course grateful to each of them. There are multiple reasons why having more than one author is beneficial, the most obvious being that content and traffic will be increased naturally.

To date we have published 60+ posts, and while I personally think that’s not very high (you should check out Cholisose, he has over 150+ posts himself!), I believe we have established a good foundation for ourselves. I’m learning a lot about marketing and advertising since I want to promote YumeState as much as possible, so this has been a good learning experience in that regard. The website’s layout has changed quite a bit, from adding a bunch of sections to the sidebar, and even adding small bits to the header and footer that definitely make a difference.

I’ll end this short by saying that I’m very glad we have writers like Cholisose, Leap250, Nishimura, and Tsubasa who have been able to help out thus far with adding content to the website. If blogging is something you’re interested in, but you’re unsure how it works, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us! We’re more than willing to offer free services and assistance to those that just want to express themselves.

*sniff sniff* thanks guys!

Please enjoy YumeState, and brace for this Fall’s comedy-packed Anime!

Random Screenshots from anime that I am watching/have watched/rewatching. Enjoy:

Sayaka’s looks like she’s plotting something…

“I’m looking forward to Working’!! None of that, “Make a contract with me” bullcrap anymore!