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small image Gosick 6

February 12, 2011 10:40 pm by small image

Apparently a messy Victorica does not make for a messy episode.

Apparently the ‘hat’ didn’t bore Victorica after all? She tried it on in the end.

Apparently the detective has a fit if someone isn’t wearing the EXACT SAME clothing as last episode…and the episode before that…Gosick has a few changes throughout, so it’s ok, but anime in general need to follow in the footsteps of Haruhi Suzumiya and get some changes in clothing every once in a while.

Victorica probably is more interested in her books than Kujo, FYI. She spends much, much more time with them than with Kujo, after all. If she really cared for him, she’d start attending classes with him. After all, she’s in the seat just behind him. Heck, you could turn this into a European version of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu if you did that.

Ah, the classic facesmash. Never gets old. Plus you get to watch Victorica have a fit over it.

Kujo looks like he’s about to eat that dog-turd chocolate that Victorica ate last episode, honestly.

This had me laughing for hours afterwards. What kind of man? This kind of gag is best- your imagination generates the lolz.

If that wasn’t good enough for you though, you get a free sleeptalking Victorica session this episode! I loved the way she just looked down in shame as she realized what had happened, and then just walked back into her room. Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Gosick is definitely a strong series this season; The source material is probably very good, and although the animation disappoints in its simplicity, the execution of the comedy is impeccable (which lends credit to the animators as well as the voice actors). Female Sherlock is definitely the best genderbend I’ve seen yet. Although Lulu wasn’t bad at all. And Kyonko was pretty epic.