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I’m going to go ahead and announce this nice and early to see if that will be helpful for people to find and download anime episodes in time for everyone to watch them before the club’s first post in June. For this upcoming month, we will be watching everyone’s favorite spirit-possession-themed figure skating romcom, Ginban Kaleidoscope!

This was one of the choices in the poll put up last month, and since there were at least a few people interested in this show, we’ll go ahead and watch it and see how it goes. It’s an anime I’ve been intrigued by for a while now, and to be honest I’m in the mood for something that’s light and fun and has some romance. If you’re in such a mood as well, be sure to give this show a try! It will be fun to watch the show a few episodes per week, and to discuss some of the character and plot developments as the story moves along.

Now, about Ginban Kaleidoscope (AKA Skating Rink Kaleidoscope). This 12-episode anime is based on a series of light novels by Rei Kaibara, which ran for nine volumes from 2003 to 2006. The anime aired in the fall of 2005, and for those curious, there is also a short manga adaptation out there. The series is about a young figure skater named Tazusa Sakurano, who is aiming for the Olympics. At the start of our story, a Canadian stunt pilot named Pete Pumps (yes, that’s his name) dies in a plane crash–but instead of moving on, his spirit somehow ends up in Tazusa’s body. Will the two be able to get along?!?

At any rate, with a premise this bizarre, I imagine this will be a fun anime. It will be interesting to compare the series to other romcoms out there, as well as other sports anime.

Here is our schedule. Be sure to watch episodes 1 through 4 by June 3rd! And if any of your friends would be interested in watching an anime like this next month, be sure to let them know of our club’s weekly discussions. It’s going to be cool.