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small image Mahou Shoujo Madoka 5

February 7, 2011 8:55 pm by small image

A happy Miki makes me happy. A dead Miki does not.  But unfortunately, in this kind of horror/Mahou Shoujo mix anime, she’s just asking to become a sacrifice for the horror fire.

She’s going to regret it. I believe she has asked herself/been asked if she will regret her decision at least 17 times. And she’s blissfully cast them off at least 17 times. She’s going to regret it.

This scene was definitely heart-warming. You can really get a feeling as to why Miki chose to throw away her fate to have her wish granted.

Told you. She’s going to regret it. Because not only is it necessary for the horror element, it’s necessary for the Mahou Shoujo element (where the main character must cry Every. Single. Episode.

There was alot less of Shaft being Shaft and alot more of clean, fluid, beautiful animation this episode. And I appreciated it.

See? The animation’s even shiny. ^.^ Plus fluid animation of Miki in her Mahou Shoujo outfit can only result in an excess output of win.

Dunno who this girl is, but she outclasses Madoka instantly for trying to be the successor to LOL FANG-TAN. (Dunno what I’m talking about?

Hmmm…I guess from a Japanese perspective, that food is pretty yummy too, I guess….I guess it’s something I’ll have to try when I go to Japan. (What is it called again, anyway? That fish-shaped thing filled with something [jam?])?)

Seriously, the fangs alone triple the cuteness of any character. I swear, it even worked for Beatrice in the PS3 port of Umineko no Naku Koro ni.

Getting tired of all these pics of the LOL FANG-TAN successor? Well SHUT UP, ROFL FANG-TAN will rule the world before you know it.

Mahou Shoujo Madoka continues to impress with fluid animation and a unique drawing style similar to Himadari Sketch (apparently, I’ve yet to watch the series.) With the amount of Shaft being Shaft (again, if you don’t know what I”m talking about: decreasing instead of increasing, Madoka looks to be the leader this season.