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May Day! The new month has arrived, and it’s time to watch another show for our Anime Watchers Club. The power of general consensus has awarded us with a 12-episode horror anime titled Ookami Kakushi (translates to either “Wolfed Away” or “Spirited Away by the Wolf”). Our first discussion will be on episodes 1-4, once a post is put up on Sunday, May 6th.

For those wondering, the poll ended with eight total votes: five for Ookami Kakushi, and three for Ginban Kaleidoscope. And none for Someday’s Dreamers! At any rate, it looks like after Aoi Bungaku, we’re still in the mood for some darkness in our anime. I’m curious to see how well Ookami Kakushi plays out. With only twelve episodes to work with, it may be a tough sell, especially when other works by Ryukishi07 (such as Higurashi–When They Cry and Umineko–When They Cry) had plenty more anime episodes at their disposal. But we shall see! I was at least pleased with recent horror anime Another, which had one season to tell its tale… so hopefully I’ll be able to say the same for Ookami Kakushi.

As I mentioned in the post announcing the poll, Ookami Kakushi was a visual novel for the PSP released in 2009. The anime adaptation came in winter of 2010, and there has also been a couple manga series as well as a light novel. The storyline deals with a boy who has moved to a rural area in the mountains. He becomes friends with some of his nice classmates, but there are also some ancient mysteries lingering in this town… So I’m not going to be surprised when people start killing each other–and likely with a scythe at some point. Scythes are quite possibly the coolest-looking weapons out there, by the way. Quite impractical in combat, I’d imagine–but in the anime world, rule of cool reigns supreme!

And remember, if you’ve already seen the show or decide to watch the series faster than the schedule suggests, don’t give away any spoilers in the comments! Most of us will (presumably) be watching this for the first time. And once you watch episodes one through four, be sure to stop by on Sunday to join the discussion!