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NOTICE: Yumestate Anime is no longer being maintained and thus has been put on Archive mode. Links and functionality are limited.

Simply put, it allows the user to change the layout of the website with a click of a link. If you look below the Top Banner (where Yuki, Misaki and Tenshi-chan are), you will see a small bar that has the appropriate links titled, “Medium Contrast” and “High Contrast”. If you can’t wait for the description, just click them now and try it out. Medium Contrast is set to default when you enter this website for the first time, but with the usage of cookies, and yes you have to enable them if you want to view this site properly, you have to ability to set which contrast you want to be defaulted to the next time you visit.

I hate that Yokoso! post. Get rid of it, Bakayaro!

Have you noticed my “Yokoso!” post? That also uses a cookie. Again if you don’t have them enabled then you’re going to have a lot of problems viewing not this just website, but pretty much all other websites. Anyway, the Yokoso post will disappear the next time you visit this website. If you really don’t want to see it again for another month, just hit “Refresh” (or F5 in Firefox), and it should disappear. If it doesn’t, then that would be my fault and I would ask that you contact me right away so I can fix it! That goes for pretty much everything on this website. If something doesn’t work, make sure you let me know either through comments or by email! I will have an email address setup for anyone wishing to contact me in the next couple of days, so use the comments feature for now.

Finally, here’s the full description and information for the contrasts feature. The idea actually came to me while I was working on ux.Retreat, the previous layout before StudioTim was implemented. A link will be setup for that on this website soon. You are be able to manually visit for now to see the website. The links on that subdomain no longer work for obvious reasons, but most features and functions should still be working.

Anyway, I wanted to give the user more options and customization to view my website. Sometimes when you’re deciding on a layout and colour theme, you can’t decide on just one. Some users will have a hard time reading a light font on a dark background for example, or some just don’t like that particular colour. I decided to do some research (good ol’ Google) on whether or not there was a way to change the layout of the website without having to change its content. It took a while to figure out how to do this, but finally I discovered it could be done with CSS. Using a template and following instructions from the A-List-Apart website, I was able to use a combination of Javascript and CSS to set up what I wanted. On, you’ll see a whopping four different colour schemes that the user can choose from and it will set that choice as their default the next time they visit.

I took that awesome function and implemented it on I originally had six, YES SIX different “layouts” a user could choose from. However, after implementing WordPress I decided to condense the amount to 2, a “Medium Contrast” and “High Contrast” one as you can see at the top. Originally I was notified by some readers that the default contrast (Medium) was too hard on the eyes and it was difficult to read, so I asked what would be a good colour that’s comfortable on the eyes. After some good feedback, a bright background with dark text was the general consensus. Now if some readers are still having trouble reading, please let me know. StudioTim is never ever a completed project, and will probably remain a work-in-progress forever. Because of this, please let me know if you have any suggestions on improving this website!