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small image Mother’s Day Tribute 2012

May 13, 2012 11:47 am by small image

Happy Mother’s Day for all the mothers who may be stopping by this site today. Hope you have a wonderful day!

To celebrate, I thought I’d pick a few of my favorite mother characters from anime of the past year or so, and have a little spotlight…

Nicest Mom – Touko Fujiwara (Natsume Yuujinchou)

Touko is basically the best mother anyone can hope for. Technically she’s Takashi Natsume’s aunt, but Touko raises him as her own son, and is as loving as can be. It was Touko who visited Natsume in the hospital and offered to raise and take care of him (rather than his other relatives, who were less understanding as they raised him). She does all she can to give him a warm home to come to, and ever so gradually Natsume has come to treat her and and Shigeru (her husband) less formally. One of my favorite moments with her is when Natsume is helping a yokai possessing a snow bunny (which is kept in the fridge overnight), and Touko makes a little snow bunny companion to keep it company.

Most Epic Mom – Cordelia Gallo (Gosick)

She’s a mastermind, exile, and vigilante–not to mention former singer, dancer, and maid. Cordelia is a driven, strong-willed individual with a thoroughly tragic past, but shows throughout the series just how loving and caring she is, too. It’s really quite touching how she is unable to be with Victorique for most her life, but firmly believes the two are still linked in some sense, as she repeatedly calls Victorique her very soul (which is perhaps emphasized in how the two look pretty much exactly alike). Cordelia has quite a variety of skills, and makes good use of all of them while going about her extensive plans, alongside two trickster bishounen who answer her beck and call.

Coolest Mom – Kate (Tsuritama)

If you’ve been watching Tsuritama, you already know just how much fun Yuki’s grandmother is. I’m including her in this post because for all intents and purposes she’s raising Yuki as his mother, and was even quick to let Haru live in her home as well at the start of the series. She may be getting a little old, but she’s still quite energetic and youthful (though an unnamed illness has been affecting her as of late). Hopefully she will get well soon! Kate always has good advice for both Yuki and Haru, and has been instrumental in helping them with their personal struggles as well as their friendship.

Feel free to mention who some of your favorite anime mothers are, and what it is you like about each of them. :>