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small image My ‘Currently Watching’ List

August 15, 2011 5:28 am by small image

Hey guys ^_^

I’m Leap250, and this is going to be my first post here on YumeState. After a while of contemplating, I decided that I will make a post about what shows I am currently watching now so as to give you guys some sort of insight on what I choose to watch. At present, I am watching seven shows, (two from the Spring lineup, four from the Summer and one title that I finally decided to watch) So yeah, let’s get this show on the road.

1.) Hanasaku Iroha [ The ABC’s of Blooming ] – Spring 2011, 19 out of 26 episodes watched

Short Summary: After having a few circumstances arise between her and her mom, Matsumae Ohana is sent to her grandmother. Little did she know about her grandmother and the inn that she runs. What’s more is that, she will not be treated as a guest, but rather as a waitress, so that she will have to earn her keep. Ohana now has to adjust with her new lifestyle as well as juggling her own teenage life.

Hanasaku Iroha is a nice, slice of life series, with hints of romance and comedy. It shows how working hard, friendships, and love, all converge on a teenagers life. The interactions, and the characters themselves are the driving force of this series, along with the presentation of traditional inns, in contrast to the more modern ones that we see. Also, out of the four girls in the pic above, I like Yuina the most (sorry Ohana ^^)

2.) Steins;Gate – Spring 2011, 19 out of 24 episodes watched

Short Summary: Self proclaimed mad scientist Okabe Rintarou, along with his ‘Future Gadget Lab’ members, succeed in creating a device that sends text messages to the past. Enticed by the idea of time travel, Okabe delves deeper into its possibilities, all the while attracting the attention of a secret organization, that aims to do the same.

Easily the best sci-fi/thriller anime series that I have watched in a while. An adaptation of a visual novel by 5pb, Steins;Gate retains its mysteriousness and unpredictability, as it keeps you on the edge of you seat. Though I may make it sound serious, the shows also adds in its ow share of comedic scenes. What I love most about it is the way they portray time travel and how dangerous it could be.

3.) Dantalian no Shoka [ The Mystic Archives of Dantalian ] – Summer 2011, 5(6?) out of 13 episodes watched

Short Summary: Hugh (Huey) Anthony Disward inherits his grandfather’s mansion and all that it contains. The will also states that he care for ‘Dalian’. Unbeknownst to Huey, Dalian was actually a living person, and is also the Biblioprincess of the Mytsic Acrhives of Dantalian, something that was entrusted to him as well. Together they deal with Phantom Books, books that were never meant to exist.

To those who are familiar with Gosick, the atmosphere here may be familiar to you. Honestly though, I had high hopes for DnS, but after the recent weeks, well, I guess you could say I expected too much from it. Not that I don’t like like episodic anime, but I’m also one of the guys who are waiting for some sort of main arc. Nevertheless, it still has a lot of episodes to prove me wrong, so yeah, here’s hoping that this doesn’t turn out to be a not-so-good adaptation.

4.) Kamisama no Memo-chou [ Memo-pad of the Gods ] – Summer 2011, 6 out of 12 episodes watched

Short Summary: Fujishima Narumi moves to a new town, and begins his new life. However new it may be, Narumi was used to moving, and it meant nothing to him to move again. That all changed as he encounters a rather peculiar scene, which lead to him meeting the NEET detective agency, headed by a fragile NEET girl named Alice. Narumi, along with Alice, the NEET’s and some other accomplices, help people by solving cases.

Another challenger to Gosick’s throne, but this time, takes on the mystery/detective theme. KamiMemo had a very promising start in my opinion, but it gradually lost its luster with the episodes that followed. I don’t know what they’re going with, other than making Alice the new face of moe, which of course, does not help the series. Though I do enjoy a nice mystery, this series needs to pick up its pace.

5.) Usagi Drop [ Bunny Drop ] – Summer 2011, 6 out of 12 episodes watched

Short Summary: At his grandfather’s funeral, Kawachi Daikichi sees a young girl wearing mourning clothes. To his surprise, she was the illegitimate daughter of his grandfather. Her name was Rin. All of his family members refuse to take care of her, even though she has no one left, not even her mother. Daikichi takes it upon himself to do it. He now has to carry the responsibility of raising a kid, as well as adjusting his life to that of a father/guardian.

The first series out of the Summer lineup that maintains its awesomeness up till now. A slice of life in the truest sense, Usagi Drop is a heartwarming story of family that is very well done. The realism in this series is what got to me. Though the only thing I fear about this series is that they may rush it at some point, but seeing as they haven’t so far, maybe I’m worrying about nothing.

6.) Mawaru Penguindrum – Summer 2011, 5 out of 24 episodes watched

Short Summary: Takakura Himari suffers from a fatal illness. She lives with her twin brothers Shouma and Kanba. Their parents are (for now) not with them. One day, Himari’s illness takes its toll on her, which leads to her death. As the twins grieve their loss, a supernatural entity, in the form of a Penguin Hat, resurrects Himari. The entity gives the twins a choice to save their sister’s life, in exchange they must give her the ‘penguindrum’

This show threw me a curve ball. It wasn’t even in my initial lineup, but after seeing all the positive feedback it had from its first episode, I had to give it a shot. It was nothing like what I had in mind. Honestly, I don’t know how to describe it. Fantasy? Comedy? Psychological? or a mix of the three? Mawaru Penguindrum is truly something, and because of that, this is the show that I look forward to the most every week. It’s that good for me.

7.) Mushi-shi – 22 out of 26 episodes watched

Short Summary: ‘Mushi’ is the most basic form of life. It exists at the grid of Yin and Yang, good and evil, right and wrong. They live and exist with no notable cause, but nonetheless, they live. People who deal with these beings are known as Mushi-shi. Ginko, a travelling Mushi-shi, helps those in need, in matters of the Mushi.

This show is not particularly new, but it is highly acclaimed, so I decided to pick it up. With only four episodes left for me to watch, I guess it’s safe to say that Mushi-shi deserves all the praise it has received and more. A relaxing anime, that at first glance, would look very old-fashioned. Probably the thing that I liked most here is how they presented Ginko, the main character. Although this is an episodic series, Ginko is never really transparent nor is he a ‘deus ex machina’. They flushed out his character rather nicely. A prime example of how episodic anime can be awesome.

So there you have it, my personal lineup for the time being. All in all, I believe Summer is doing rather nicely. Usagi Drop and Mawaru Penguindrum are at the top of my Summer lineup list (for now) and Mushi-shi is slowly becoming one of my favorites. So yeah, even though I already favor two shows, it could still go either way with the others. We’ll just have to wait and see.

‘Till then, see ya ^_^