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Here we are with more quick first impressions! This time ’round its Accel World!

*Starts singing the opening to the Lion King*

So, where do I begin? Well, first off, Accel World was one of my most anticipated shows for the spring season, thanks to a rather spiffy preview, but after viewing, my interest in it has dwindled a little. Here’s why:

I’m all for flawed main characters, and like many other bloggers, seeing a rather pudgy little guy as our main protagonist is interesting to say the least. However, my gripe with him has to do more with his attitude. I know its a bit unrealistic of me to think he would be comfortable in his current situation as a wimpy little guy, but I think it would be more interesting if he was comfortable in his own skin despite being picked on. After all, I can’t feel sorry for him unless he’s tried to fix his situation and he hasn’t, he’s avoiding it. It also would make more sense why Miss Popular chose him and not somebody else who had more pluck, since I highly doubt it’s not because he’s good at virtual squash. Not to mention it already seems like he has a harem brewing despite his flimsiness as human being. I wouldn’t mind if it was actually believable, but at this point it’s anything but. I guess women in anime like instability in a man.

As for the other character, Miss Butterfly Girl or Kuroyukihime, my gripe with her is the fact that she the popular pretty one, ’cause we all know that climbing the social ladder means getting yourself some arm candy. She’s got a interesting past it seems, but they better execute it well for it to have any meaning at all. Yeah, she’s got the looks (butterfly wings make everything prettier), but just look what happened to poor Inori from Guilty Crown. She’s got to evolve as a character just has much as Haruyuki does.

Anyway, I’m still interested enough to keep going and if I get to a certain point I’ll see it through to the end no matter what. As long as it doesn’t delve into unnecessary tropes that make me roll my eyes. Until then, however, I’m going to stick with it for the time being.