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small image Spring 2012 Banners Added

April 13, 2012 8:46 pm by small image

Greetings Everyone.

Cholisose and I have been working on preparing new banners for this spring season, and we are proud to present to you 15 new banners that have already been uploaded and are available for viewing on our website. If you hit F5 any time or whatever you keybound “Refresh” to on your browser, you should probably notice them.

Thanks to Cholisose for helping out once again with YumeState!

Meanwhile, I have added a new page to our website, one that shows all of our banners that we have used up until now. This page will be updated every so often to reflect changes and additional banners that we will add.

Click here to see our archived banners.

If you want see our newest banners scroll down below. Note that some are from previous anime seasons, but they are nonetheless new to YumeState. Enjoy.