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Welcome to part three of my series on “Recommending Anime to your friends”. I’ve been debating over whether or not to separate my part two and three into two different sections; one will focus on Action and Drama, and the other on Romance and Comedy. If I decide to do that, we will have in total five parts to the “Recommending Anime” section. I may make revisions to the list over time, and things will change accordingly. Please be patient with the updates.

  1. Recommending Anime to your Friends (Part 1)
  2. List of Anime to Recommend to your Friends (Part 2)
  3. Special Anime Recommendations, K-On! and Angel Beats! (Part 3)

What falls under the “special” anime category? A good question..

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Kotegawa Yui from Motto To Love-Ru. One of the rare screenshots of her actually smiling.

Streaming videos has become so easy with the access of broadband connections, to the point where you rarely need to wait longer than a couple of seconds for a video to buffer. Long gone are the days where you had to dial a connection using your home phone line and hog any incoming or outgoing calls with the telephone. With internet streaming becoming so popular thanks to YouTube and other Online Video websites, how does that compare to Downloading your favourite Anime?

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