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(Note: I’m really busy this week, so pics/vids/etc. will come in slowly as I have time.

DAY ONE (just some basic pics)

DAY TWO: Augmented Reality Cards

Augmented Reality Cards are not as gimmicky as they sound. They allow you to take pictures of your favorite Nintendo characters in real-world environments.

By the way, this is a picture taken directly off my 3DS’s SD card. It saves images in two formats for each image: .JPG and .MPO (.mpo is an open-source format for storing 3D image info). For some reason I am unable to upload .mpo files onto this blog at the moment (Perahaps you can fix that, Ultimanium? ^.^” It looks like an issue of not allowing .mpo files to be uploaded rather than not being able to display them.) Picture quality is not great- only 0.3 megapixels- but you can definitely see the 3D effect in them, and I’ve seen many smiles from people I’ve taken pictures of at school.

There’s a very interesting feeling in holding one of the cards in your hands and seeing the character in your hand on the screen.

As you can see, you can change the size and poses of the characters. (Can you spot the Young Link model in this picture? XD)

You can set the cards in strange places without an issue, too. It’s also possible to move the exact location of the characters without moving the AR card around a bit by selecting a character and moving the Circle Slide Pad around.

>.>” There’s also…a large collection of queer Mii poses and emotions that you can use to take pictures with. (Yes, that is my Mii, created using the auto-create feature)

It’s not just about taking pictures of your favorite characters, though….

There are some really fun minigames you can play, too. And they are not as gimmicky as you might think. In fact, they’re mind blowing. I never knew my desk had that kind of secret function!!! XD

(A hint as to what I’m talking about- See the HOLE IN MY DESK where the AR card is right now? Click on the image for a better view.)

Also, notice my note on the bottom screen. That is a ‘game memo’- a memo written about an in-game screenshot. You can then save these memos as images to the SD card. (The screenshot you commented on is not included, sadly.)


I think one thing everyone is worried to death about is the 3DS’s battery life. Now, I don’t have any 3DS games yet, so I’m not the best point of reference, but:

I left my 3DS on all day at school, either in sleep mode or completely on (so that I could accumulate coins while walking around).

I frequently opened it before/during/after class to show people the 3D effects and 3D games.

I still had around 3/4 of my battery when I left for Track practice at 3:00PM.

Now, today happened to be the TAKS test, which means from 8AM to 12AM my 3DS was off while I took the most BORING/EASY test in the world (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills.) So today wasn’t the best day to come to a conclusion about battery life. I’ll keep you posted, though.

DAY THREE: 3D video

I’ve overworked myself to the point of not going to school today. >.>” I’ve mostly been catching up on school work today, but I’ll take some time to do some 3DS blogging too.

A system update came in today. As a result, a 3D video of a Super Mario Bros. performance from Nintendo World 2011 was downloaded onto my 3DS. I tried my best to read the details of the update, but it was still unclear to me whether the update ONLY downloaded the video or if the update included the SERVICE that automatically downloads videos to your 3DS.

However, the video is quite nice in 3D, I think. Although 3D graphics in 3D are much more pleasing.

The 3DS played the video without any hitches; You could very quickly skip to other parts of the video if you wanted, too.

DAY FOUR: BUSYBUSYBUSY. So today just photos I’ve taken this week.