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small image The SHAFT Connection

October 12, 2011 8:10 am by small image

(Eureka! Finally thought of something for my first post! This is so nerve-wracking. Warning, reader: This won’t be a review. It’s more of an observation, really. But still, I’d be happy to hear your thoughts. ^^)

Studio SHAFT has been really busy lately, churning out a lot of shows like there’s no tomorrow. I, for one, am not really the type who fusses over which studio produces which show. As long as it’s engaging, I’m good to go. However, that is not the issue. I shall get to the point, then, before I inevitably stray from my topic. It turns out my ignorance would give me quite a surprise while I was watching a few shows. This is what happened.

I was watching Bakemonogatari and saw this:

I though it kind of reminded me of Nino from Arakawa Under the Bridge.

And so, a flaming research session ensues. My sources *cough*Anime News Network*cough* told me that both shows are under the studio SHAFT belt, thus the similarities.

Everything would’ve been fine, and I would’ve lived a nice, quiet life watching anime when I came across my DVD of Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko and popped it into my player. After a few episodes, Touwa Meme did this:

Curiosity wins. I found out that Denpa Onna was another SHAFT production. By that time, I was wondering, ‘What’s with SHAFT and their penchant for head-tilting?!’. Not only that, if you’d notice, SHAFT also likes using abrupt art changes. I mean, you’re watching with the normal, wonderful drawing and the next second, it changes to something kooky. Like this:

I don’t know what SHAFT did to me but I seem to be unconsciously picking up their shows. I just realize they’re from the same studio when I pick up something in common and do some research. Not that I’m complaining anyway. If they keep on producing such wonderful anime, who am I to complain?

What about you? Have you noticed any other SHAFT connections lately? ^^