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I mentioned in an earlier post that I would be focusing less on reviews and more on the general state of anime and rants. The anime blogging community has tons of reviews written every day, so there is ample supply of that if it’s your thing.

I want to talk about some of the series that I’m following this season. Of the seven I’m watching, five of them are Slice-of-Life or contain elements of Slice-of-Life:

  1. Boku wa Tomodachi Ga Sukinai NEXT
  2. Tamako Market
  3. Minami-Ke Tadaima
  4. Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shurabasugiru
  5. Kotoura-san
  6. Sasami-san@Ganbaranai
  7. Senyuu

As to why I’m watching these and not others, Boku Tomodachi and Minami-Ke are direct sequels from their earlier season(s) (which I followed), Tamako Market is produced by Kyoto Animation which I’m a fan of (they did Chuuninbyou, Hyouka, and K-ON!), and both Kotoura-san and OreSugiru piqued my interest due to the seiyuus (voice actresses) in each.

As you can see, I am NOT watching them based only on the premise or initial setting, or the fact that they’re Slice-Of-Life. I usually tend to shy away from Slice-Of-Life because I enjoy anime that’s driven by its plot; something that Slice-Of-Life doesn’t have. There’s nothing wrong with Slice-Of-Life, because I would say five or six years ago Slice-Of-Life would have been my go-to anime. I didn’t care about good plots or heavily-driven stories, I just wanted to watch a cute girl eating sweets, reading manga and talking to her friends on a day-to-day basis.

So you’re watching 5 Slice-Of-Life anime even though you’re not interested in Slice-Of-Life?

Which is a good question because that’s essentially what I’m trying to address: “I don’t know how I feel”; I’m not sure whether I’m watching these shows because there’s nothing else better, or I’m reverting back to my old state of interests in “Slice-Of-Life-For-Lyfe”. Every so often comes a great anime, and of course those vary with individuals and matter of opinion. However, lately it feels like the amount of anime series catered to fanservice, moeblobs, and ecchi have become all the rave, and most times include Slice-Of-Life as their setting.

The issue goes back to my earlier statement, “I’m okay with the shows I watch, but just okay.” Specifically for each anime, Boku Tomodachi seems to introduce more characters who want to join the harem over the main character. I will not say it’s a lost cause since I’m still a couple of episodes behind, and the plot development looks promising.

Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shurabasugiru (OreShura) seems like the exact textbook example of a harem where the main character is oblivious to his female relationships, and only focuses on being indecisive about everything except his hair style. I read on Sankaku Complex that apparently this is one anime you should NOT drop, as it gets better near the end. Let’s hope.

I feel the same towards the three other shows, but they have elements that make then entertaining to watch. Sometimes you want to not think about anything when you’re watching an anime, and Minami-Ke and Tamako do that well. Kotoura-san tries to do something different by adding the supernatural element to ordinary school life, which is refreshing to see.

All in all though, and maybe I’m over thinking it because I recently saw the Madoka Magica movies (which are great), but my expectations of anime have changed over time to something more than just moeblobs and fanservice. Again, there’s nothing wrong with watching elements of cute girls doing cute things, or high-schoolers dancing and playing their favourite sport. I just think that what appealed to me 2-3 years ago no longer grabs my attention like Code Geass did, or like Clannad did even though it had elements of slice-of-life.

So what do you think? I’m interested in what the rest of the community thinks; Am I the only one who thinks this way? Have I grown out of the mainstream and into something that’s less sought after in anime? I may be the only one who dislikes the current state of anime, and that has a lot of factors that play into it such as interests, life circumstances, etc..

Feel free to leave a comment and disagree with me.