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small image Yumekui Merry 5

February 6, 2011 8:47 pm by small image

Miki will. Er oh, wrong post, sorry. XD

It’s nice to see a Nintendo reference for once in an anime. I understand all the good anime-based games, visual novels, galgames and the like come out for the psp/ps3, but Nintendo’s first-party game titans are worth praise as well. (FYI I’m a pro Nintendo/Sony, anti Microsoft guy, especially since I run linux on my computers. May the flame wars begin.)

The right translation is here is, “I’ll let you play with me one more time!” actually. And I think this kind of tsundere gamer isn’t bad at all. Especially after 383 losses.

Question: Why is Merry crouched in front of the door? Was she trying to peep through the keyhole?

Merry pretty much steals the spotlight with her unique character design and personality combination, but the side characters certainly aren’t being neglected, either.

I love it how Yumeji interprets this as a tsundere strategy when in reality it’s actually true.

No wonder her eyes look like she’s been staring at a TV for over ten years.

Oh, not very lonely. Just a little bit. Just a little bit.

ACK! Merry turned into a nerd! Nooooooo~ 😛

Uh, no one asked, I’m pretty sure.

What, that you nearly missed the view that we TV viewers do not get to see in about ten frames?

….You know, at least in America, people are eaten alive by the TV. They believe EVERYTHING it says. I’m still appalled at the numbers of people who actually buy products because they saw a TV commercial….

BUT WHO CARES! XD Justice always wins!!! XD XD

Yumekui has been failing a bit on the battle scenes due to some non-cohesive (but fluid) animation. But the comedy side is incredibly well-executed, so I can’t complain too much. Plus that soundtrack! They probably dumped all of the money from the budget into hiring an orchestra to do the music for this series- it’s top-notch. A few disappointments, but otherwise, Yumekui Merry is top-tier this season.